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ZRE Music Studio is a creativity-driven, modern music studio in Portland, Oregon

About zre music studio

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Robin Ziari, and I founded ZRE Music Studio in Portland, OR in 2018. My team and I provide modern piano, composition, songwriting, and theory lessons for people of all ages and abilities.

Growing up in a small town in eastern Oregon without a lot of opportunities, taking music lessons as a young person is what gave me my passion, voice, and community. I studied both piano and saxophone to a professional level while participating in every possible school band and competition. The joy and accomplishment I experienced as a teenage musician led me to a degree in composition from the School of Music at University of Oregon.

My goal is to bring a fresh and unique approach to music education in the Pacific Northwest, informed by the years I’ve spent composing, performing, and working in professional environments, both in Portland and in New York City. I’ve performed in concert halls with symphonies and in dive bars with rock bands, and I’ve sought out incredible mentors across musical genres.

In 2023, I expanded into a small multi-teacher studio in order to serve all the students and families on my waiting list. We don’t shy away from using new technology, or teaching things like improvisation, ear training, and lead sheets to complete beginners! Our teachers aim to serve as encouraging guides and mentors, bright lights of positivity in their students’ busy weeks. 


At ZRE Music Studios, we help curious musicians attain their goals of self-expression with creative, individualized lessons and an approachable process to teaching the building blocks of music.

Studio owner / lead instructor Robin Ziari


Limited spots are available for private lessons at our Lloyd Center space, and in our teachers’ home studios in Northeast & Southeast Portland. 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons are offered, either weekly or every other week. We also offer in-home lessons for a small travel fee. 

Our unique group lesson program is the most engaging way for young beginners to start their musical journeys. Our included technology will keep students focused and allow them to progress at their own pace, while having fun in a group setting and playing music-learning games. 

We love teaching students from the comfort of their own homes using Zoom! Online lessons are convenient, easy to set up, and easy to fit into your life. Free lesson recordings are included.

Robin and students – June 2023 Studio Recital at Alberta House


Yes! We currently have limited openings for private students, as well as group classes for beginners.

A PDF download of our current studio policies can be found here: 2023 ZRE Music Studio Policies


Yes! Providing equity and opportunity in music education is one of our main goals. Please inquire about scholarship opportunities!

ZRE Music Studio's Teaching Philosophy & Mission

What Makes Our Studio Different?

  • Customized one-on-one lessons with a methodical approach to achieve each student’s goals
  • A commitment to innovation and the newest educational tools available for today’s music learners. 
  • A focus on improvisation (and creative freedom) from the very first lesson
  • Repertoire & technique-building exercises that ramp up with your level
  • Yearly studio recitals, festival participation, adjudications & contests
  • Multiple fun music apps and studio licensed songs included for all registered students
  • Lessons that offer valuable mentorship in both music and life

As a teaching philosophy, we believe in the active pursuit of creativity, and work to instill that as a value in students from the start — while also building the foundations of technique, expression, and musical understanding. 

Studying music is, in itself, a creative act. When you take it a little further and make creation, exploration, and improvisation a core part of the discipline, students can and will truly blossom!

The end goal for our students is to gain a personal understanding of how music works and how it relates to their own artistic expression — something that will be held and valued deeply throughout a student’s lifetime. 

In addition, we believe that studying music at a high level over a number of years (and the focus and discipline required in that pursuit) is incredibly useful for a young person, in that the skills built while doing so will be invaluable in the ways they contribute to a successful career, no matter the choice of profession. We pledge to always work to promote music education as a core component of all children’s development!


5-star Rating on Google

“Our children have been taking lessons from Robin for almost four years, and it has been a fantastic experience! Robin is an extremely skilled, patient, and engaging teacher. Along with teaching piano technique and musicality, he customizes the lessons to incorporate each child’s musical interests, which keeps them motivated and excited. Our kids have enjoyed learning a variety of music, from classical to pop to their favorite video game themes. Most importantly, they look forward to their weekly lesson with Robin, and their musical confidence continues to grow. We’re grateful to have found such a wonderful piano teacher and would happily recommend him to anyone!”

“My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Robin for four yearsprogressing from a nineyearold beginner to a thirteenyearold playing at the intermediate level. Robin has always been patientpositivefocused, and supportive. He sets achievable goals, has helped my daughter navigate the challenges she’s encountered as she improves, and acknowledges her hard work. The results are that she actively looks forward to her lessons and she puts in her time practicing without needing to be reminded. Likewise, her skill in everything from sight reading music to understanding rhythm to learning the first major stages of music theory has been fantastic to see and hear, and Robin deserves the credit for making it happen. He is equally gifted as a musician and as a teacher.”

I can’t recommend Robin highly enough!

I have been a first grade teacher for more than 15 years, so I think I’m pretty aware of good teaching styles. Robin is patient, positive, excited about music, knowledgeable, and takes the time to be sure I’m getting lots out of each lesson. He plays several instruments, so could do guitar, piano, ear training, and possibly more, you’d have to ask. I can’t recommend him highly enough, for both children and adults of all levels!

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